Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Flight Deck Podcast: Episode 11.2 - Evil Eddie Richards

Innerflight Podcast 11.2: Evil Eddie Richards

This months podcast is a very special 2 part excursion into the music behind 2 of the artists performing for our monthly party, Drop.

The second podcast is a mix from none other than tech house pioneer Evil Eddie Richards. Eddie's mix is a chugging, nighttime journey through tech house and is everything you would expect from the godfather and more. Joining Evil Eddie at Lofi in the back room are Murdoc and the Innerflight resident DJ's. The Slowpoke DJ's will be doing their thang in the front room with their distinct brand of slow disco and house sounds.

More info about the party *HERE*

(right click above link to download and save)

visit Evil Eddie's website here

visit Slowpoke on Facebook here

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