Monday, April 7, 2014

Innerflight Podcast 37: Adam Collins

This month's podcast features longtime Innerflight favorite, Adam Collins.  Adam has been producing deep, dark and techy electronic music for nearly 20 years.  This mix reflects his vast experience in the underground, oozing with that sweat on the walls, 4am state of mind.  You can preview Adam's upcoming release on Innerflight Music here.  Adam will be joining us at our DROP monthly at the Monkey Loft on Sat April 12th along with Seattle scene stalwarts Michael Manahan and Ramiro.

More info about the party here

IFM Podcast 37: Adam Collins
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Innerflight Podcast 36: Tomas Jirku

For our March podcast we have the distinct pleasure of hosting a mix from Vancouver's Tomas Jirku in anticipation of his Innerflight debut EP and release party. With a musical career spanning back to the late 90's when he burst onto the minimal techno scene via Montreal's Mutek festival and Germany's legendary Force Inc. label. We're honored to include him on the Innerflight artists roster and look forward to many more future works. In this mix, Tomas takes us on a journey through a robotic soundscape that stays close to the industrial roots of techno and electro. 
If you're in the Seattle area, you can catch Tomas delivering a live set of new material on March 8th at the Monkey Loft. He'll be joined by Vancouver's The Automatic Message (dj set) and Innerflight djs Manos and Neural Net.
Event link:

You can listen to previews of Tomas' Innerflight EP on our soundcloud page:

Visit Tomas' website to see/hear all the awesome stuff he does!

IFM podcast 36 : Tomas Jirku

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1. Thomas Koner - Ilira 2. Nate Dogg - Last Prayer 3. Cane - Non Fiction 4. Claude Vonstroke - Moster Island (Christian Martin Remix) 5. Boddika - Soul What (Boddika Remix) 6. TSC - Escape (Rhythm) 7. Djedjotronic - Back 8. Dub Kult - Stop The World 9. Santiago Salazar - Corazon 10. Aubrey - Evacuation 11. Divvorce - E3 (MRSK Remix) 12. Endian - DBPLT01 13. Antigone - Suburbs 14. Donor/Truss - Endo 3 15. Trade - Positive Neckline 16. Paula Temple - Cloned 17. Front Line Assembly - Casualties 18. Salem - Trapdoor 19. Autechre - jatevee C 20. Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank)

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Innerflight Podcast 35: Luke Mandala

This month's podcast features a driving, techy set from Northwest electronic music wizard Luke Mandala.  The podcast showcases his sonic diversity and ability to melt dancefloors everywhere he goes.  Luke and vocalist Molly Ponkevitch have a release coming out in March on Innerflight Music, which can be previewed here on Soundcloud.  Luke and Molly will be taking the reigns headlining our monthly DROP party at the Monkey Loft on Saturday Feb 8th.  Joining them will be the Innerflight residents doing it to it like only they know how.  We will make party.

More info about the party here

IFM Podcast 35: Luke Mandala
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Luke Mandala - Right Now With You [Activated Recordings] Tim Green - Don't Like Me Frankyeffe & Enrico Sangiuliano - Infinity Kolombo - Indigo Super Flu Feat. Monkey Safari - Me Roar Luke Mandala & Molly Ponkevitch feat. Molly Ponkevitch - Gut Streams [Innerflight Music] John Acquaviva, Manuel De La Mare, Luigi Rocca - 1001 Nights Mr Morek - 418 (Gabriel Ananda Remix) Rachel Row - Follow The Step (Kink Beat Mix) Donatello - Dirty Lips Hot Since 82 - Planes & Trains (Fairmont Remix) The_Wonder_of_You (King_Unique_Remix)

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Innerflight Podcast 34: Phaedrus

This month, Phaedrus provides the jacking techno soundtrack to warm up your cold winter nights. Phaedrus will be headlining our DROP monthly at the Monkey Loft this Sat, Jan 11 in celebration of his upcoming release (preview here) on Innerflight Music.  Joining us at DROP this month will be some of our favorite DJ's in the NW:  Bottom Forty's Spaceotter as well as Recess and Adlib of Shameless.  Sounds like a recipe for dancefloor debauchery and shenanigans...

More info about the party here.

IFM Podcast 34: Phaedrus
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Innerflight Podcast 33: Centrikal

This month, Centrikal brings the heat just in time to help thaw out that deep freeze feeling of winter.  He kicks off the mix with a track from the most recent Innerflight release and doesn't look back through over an hour of steamy tech house.  The Faze EP on Innerflight Music can be previewed and purchased here on Innerflight's Bandcamp site.  Centrikal will be joining us when we kick off our first night at our new spot for our DROP monthly at the Monkey Loft (2915 1st Ave S, Seattle).  Joining Centrikal will be the return of NW favorite Kris Moon!  Supporting Kris and Centrikal will be the usual cast of characters known as the Innerflight residents.  Come help us kick off our first party at our new spot proper!

More info about the party here.

IFM Podcast 33: Centrikal
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Innerflight Podcast 32: Markie

We have something very special this month for all you people out there.  For those that know Innerflight, it's no secret that the legendary Wicked Crew has had a huge impact on us as DJs, producers and party throwers.  Join us this Saturday for our last dance in the dark at the beloved Electric Tea Garden for our monthly, DROP.  We decided to go out with a bang and bring none other than Markie Mark of the Wicked Crew!!!  Markie had retired from DJing awhile back to become a Science teacher, but has come out of retirement and played a handful of gigs since the Wicked 20 year reunion party in SF 3 years ago.  It's been a long time since he's played in Seattle and I can assure you that his set will be a rare treat!  This month's podcast is a live recording of his closing set from the Wicked 22 year reunion in SF.  Joining Markie will be the Innerflight residents J-Sun, Kadeejah Streets, Manos, Night Train and Rhines.  Did I mention it's also Kadeejah Streets' birthday?!?!?  OH BABY!

Lets get Wicked with it one last time at ETG before we move our monthly to the newly improved and oh so fresh Monkey Loft in December!

More info about the party here

IFM Podcast 32: Markie
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Innerflight Podcast 31: Synthetic Hype

This edition of the Innerflight podcast comes to you direct from our neighbors to the North.  Synthetic Hype hails from Vancouver, British Columbia and has hooked us up with a blistering breaks mix which will have you bouncing off the walls in no time flat.  Synthetic Hype will be joining us at Drop Saturday Oct 12th at Electric Tea Garden for one of their last shows before they close their doors for good.  We're pretty bummed about the closing of one of the most beloved and long running afterhours spots in Seattle but we have one more trick up our sleeve before we leave for our new home at the Monkey Loft in Dec.  Joining Synthetic Hype will be Seattle Breaks stalwart Haaps who heads up the longest running breaks night in America!  Also, joining the fray will be the Innerflight residents Rhines, Night Train and Kadeejah Streets.

More info about the party here

IFM Podcast 31: Synthetic Hype
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Innerflight Podcast 30: DJ Manos Innerflight/Decibel Preview

It's that time of year again in Seattle.... Decibel Festival is upon us!!!!

This edition of the Flight Deck podcast has our own DJ Manos mixing up a potent aural tonic of beats featuring all original music created for the Innerflight label.  You can catch some of the artists featured in this mix at our Decibel Festival VIP showcase at the 2312 art gallery located at 2312 2nd Ave in downtown Seattle.  To gain entry, please contact me for an invite here.  Your RSVP gets you free admission plus a guest.  Come join us for some of our homegrown beats!

More info about the party here

IFM Podcast 30: DJ Manos Innerflight/Decibel Preview
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Podcast Tracklisting:

1. Hanssen - Deliverables [IFM018 : Statement of Work]
2. Phaedrus - Come Wander With Me [Upcoming EP]
3. Manny Acevedo - Underwater Visions [IFM025 : Underwater Visions]
4. Centrikal - Cloud City [IFM031 : Faze EP]
5. Adam Collins - In City Lights [Upcoming EP]
6. Phil Western - Ghost In Your Bed (Tomas Jirku remix) [IFM024 : Ghost In Your Boobs]
7. Longwalkshortdock - Keep It Round ([a]pendics.shuffle's Return to For Never mix) [IFM017 : Left Coast Sampler vol. 3]
8. Luke Mandala & Kriece - Teradactyl Smack-Down [IFM023 : Cheeky Much?]
9. Spon.10.80 - Smoke Screen [Upcoming EP]
10. Luke Mandala - Cheeky Waggish (Phil Western remix) [IFM023 : Cheeky Much?]
11. dj Sulli - Mercury Rising (Marky Star remix) [IFM019 : Mercury Rising]
12. Antacid - Synthetical Attachments [IFM029 : Left Coast Sampler vol. 4]
13. Complicit - Tastes So Good (Rennie Foster remix) [IFM028 : (This Is) For My People]
14. Evan Marc - Spectabilis [IFM026 : Miconia EP]
15. Ctrl_Alt_Dlt - The Universe Room (Mikael Stavostrand remix) [IFM022 : The Universe Room EP]
16. Cyanwave - Mirage (Jaymz Nylon's Afrotech mix) [IFM020 : Anxiety of Acceleration remixes]
17. Joe Bellingham - Shaper Shifted Soul [IFM030 : The Exiled Meow EP]
18. Halo Refuser - Stargazing [IFM021 : Melting Magic]

Visit Dj Manos' Mixcrate here

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Innerflight Podcast 29: Joe Bellingham

This is a big month for Innerflight Music, as we have our 9th annual (!!!) Sunset Seattle park party coming up this Saturday as well as the beast that is Decibel Festival looming in the distance just a few weeks away.  This edition of the podcast features one of the artists performing in the park, Innerflight favorite, Joe Bellingham.  Joe hooked it up on this one with a very eclectic mix ranging from 80's pop to funk infused disco house.  We could say a lot of things about Joe.  He's an innovator, a percolator, an instigator, a shadow, a madman.... we could go on, but most importantly, he's one of the most talented artists in Seattle if not the whole West Coast.  Joe is part of Shameless, a well respected and loved crew in Seattle who have been doing the music community justice for quite some time now.  Look for future releases from Joe on Innerflight Music as well as Shameless' brand new record label Shameless Audio.
Joe will be playing for us this Saturday at Golden Gardens park in Ballard, Seattle right after sunset at 7 PM.  We'll be keeping the party rocking after the park at ETG with our monthly DROP party featuring Berlin techno mastermind and Thoughtless label boss Noah Pred!!!

More info about Sunset Seattle here

More info about park afterparty at ETG here

IFM Podcast 29: Joe Bellingham
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Visit Noah Pred's Soundcloud here

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